With exponentially increasing globalization, dependence on foreign labor, and physical separation of various functions, it has become ever more difficult for businesses to manage themselves effectively in a rapidly advancing world. At the same time, economic woes have forced many companies to reevaluate which business elements to grow and which to keep stagnant. Often, IT is one of the first to remain stagnant or even have its funding cut.

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   Praise for Value Creation

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   Value of IT: Introduction
The real issue of business and IT alignment and integration arises from a true understanding of the company’s business imperatives across the entire enterprise. Business imperatives define the outcomes that the. . .

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   Value Creation the Book

These are not times for careless spending in any area of a business. Unfortunately, while everyone agrees businesses must cut careless spending, the problem is defining “careless.” Too often, executives want to make cuts in exactly the kinds of programs and projects that realize greater profitability—they save 2 percent bycutting something that saves (or profits). . .

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